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Delivery Lead Time

We are currently offering a THREE weeks delivery lead time from receipt of order. 


Q. I am looking to purchase a timber frame kit/roof trusses/floor or roof beams for my new house/extension/refurbishment, what do I do?

A. Please send us the Architects or Builders’ drawings, or a sketch of your requirements. We ideally like plans, elevations and sections. Or you can give us a call with basic dimensions which we can then provide you with a guide price. Alternatively for a small fee we can visit your site to obtain all the information we need. 

Q. How can I send you my drawings?

A. By post, by e-mail (please contact us before sending), by personal visit to our offices, or by facsimile – if the latter please include written dimensions as we cannot scale from a fax.

Q. What area of the Country do you cover?

A. We provide a nationwide delivery service; we will ask for your site location to assist when preparing your quotation.

Q. What is your delivery period?

A. This varies according to the time of year, but is normally around 1 to 2 weeks, although “rush” jobs can usually be catered for.

Q. How will you give me a price, and what will it include?

A. Our estimators issue detailed quotations, identifying all the items we have allowed for individually. This normally includes all the roof trusses/floor beams, all bracing materials, any fixings used when erecting the roof/floor structure, any additional timber infill required to complete the structure.

Q. Do you provide drawings or calculations?

A. Once an order has been delivered to site we can provide truss/floor beam calculations and layout drawings free of charge.

Q. Can the trusses/floor beams/ancillary timbers be treated with a preservative?

A. Yes; we can supply products that have been treated with Arch Vacsol Aqua, which is a water based environmentally and human friendly preservative.

Q. Can I purchase other materials for my roof?

A. Yes; we can supply gable ladders, glulam beams, dormer sets, valley sets etc.

Q. If your quotation is acceptable, what do I do next?

A. Once you have contacted us, by telephone, via e-mail or facsimile to advise us of your intention, we will issue an Order Acknowledgment including truss/beam profile drawings, which you (or your builder/carpenter) will have to check. N.B. on difficult projects, for a nominal fee, we offer a site survey facility.

Q. What if there are any alterations to the project since I sent you the drawings to prepare the quotation?

A. You, or the builder/carpenter, should mark the alterations on the Order Acknowledgment, or if there are significant differences, send in a new set of drawings so a revised Order Acknowledgment can be issued.

Q. How do I pay you?

A. The payment terms will be given on the bottom of our quotation. We accept cheques, cash or our preferred method of direct bank transfers.

Q. How do I arrange a delivery date?

A. Deliveries are booked via the Production Controller, who will normally give an indication of the day of delivery. We normally ring the day before delivery to confirm time of arrival on site. N.B. if we are required to meet a crane on site, or there are particular requirements or access restrictions for vehicles, we must be notified of these at time of order.

Q. Are you a member of a trade association?

A. Yes; we were one of the first members of the Truss Rafter Association (TRA) formed to represent the interests of the pre-fabricated roof truss industry, which only permits membership to manufacturers who have the highest standards of Quality Assurance and a specified level of Professional Indemnity Insurance. We are also actively promoting Health and Safety in the industry.

Q. What happens if I need to make changes to a truss or trusses that have been erected?

A. No alterations to any truss can be carried out without prior consultation with the manufacturer. Occasionally it is possible to allow an on site remedial once our Engineers have carried out the necessary design work; there is a fee for this service.

Q. Are you PEFC certified?

A. Yes, our registration number is 16-37-1265. Our timber suppliers are also PEFC certified.